You will need to be a female pup at least 18 years of age as of the day of the election, living in the UK throughout your title year. You can be any kind of pup you like we welcome alpha pups, lone wolves, beta pack puppies, bottom pups and top dogs!

You will need to commit to twelve months of supporting the pup community, from January to December of your title year. This will include a lot of publicity, which will preferable include your face, as your anonymity isn't guaranteed at lots of public events but we will only use your pup name and you can wear your hood at all event as Miss Puppy. We will give you what support we can, and the rest is up to you. Not to worry, though, the events are a lot of fun!

There are some events we have lined up with events such as a Puppy/Pet play workshop at London Alternative market and Pet event at the O&I

You will need to welcome and encourage other pups onto the scene and into the community. This will range from the experienced pups who may appreciate new events and places to pup out, to the new pups who may be shy about appearing in public as pups and may need a friendly face and a helping paw to take their first steps.

To monitor candidate campaigns, admins can not be block from any media forum at anytime or that candidate will be removed from this election.

We will need a form of ID to verify your name and your age on the election day. We accept a valid passport, a valid driver's license and We accept other government-issued identification which verifies your photo, identity and age.

Get in touch with us if you would like to chat about what is required. And beyond that, just be out there, be awesome, and be pup.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us setting up Miss Puppy UK

Kiba Spiritstone for her work on the MPU logo

Lucky Pup for his work on the website

Pouncing Paws for use of the venue

Mr Puppy Team for their continued support