The MissPuppyUK Election

Miss Puppy UK is a important and serious role BUT this is puppy PLAY and is equally as important is to have fun,bark, play and enjoy, so entering the election can be done to win or to build your confidence or for your own reasons ... and we encourage all female pups to enter and bring the spirit of our community alive.


Each candidate will add their bio and a video of themselves on this site to introduce themselves to the community;

After entering each candidate runs their own campaign through their own social medias as they see fit; the intent of the campaign is to raise awareness to the election and interest to new female pups in to the community.

So the community can be part of the election, everyone can join in and vote for the candidate they feel would represent the community best, this contributes a small part of the overall result;


On the day of the Election (20th January @ VIPets Underworld Birmingham) each candidate will have tasks designed to highlight different aspects of themselves and their abilities; With the help and thanks from our friends the owners of Underworld, each candidate has free entry to VIPets(worth 15) for the Election

Agility Course: We have a course designed to allow each pup to show their individual pup persona whether it be competitive, dizzy, confused etc

Interview: Each Candidate will be interviewed by the election commitee to ascertain how each pups human side is presented.

Ability: To show your confidence in front of an audience each candidate is invited to present a talent of their choosing ... This is to show your confidence not talent, so you can perform anything, whether it is pup related, entertaining, a reading, singing or dance it is up to each candidate


Each part of the Candidate campaign adds to the final result which include the Bio, video, media campaign, votes and election tasks.