About MissPuppyUK

Miss Puppy Uk Election Was held at VIPets @Underworld Birmingham on the 20th January 2018.
Miss Puppy UK is... 'Pepper`

Miss Puppy UK is an election to find the first female pup who is will to donate their personal time to our community, it is hard work and they are willing to represent, promote and support our whole community.

We have a growing number of female, straight males, trans and none binary pups in the community and one of the main focus for Miss Puppy will be to provide a friendly welcome and safe place to start and help new pups coming into the community and find their paws as they learn about their pup side.

Miss Puppy also aims to work with the Mister Puppy team in supporting the whole community in up coming projects and events.

We are all individuals and We are one community and we all have our own reasons for being pups and embracing our differences is a cornerstone of the pup communities identity and one of Miss Puppy's goals is to help all those work together.

Choosing to be Miss Puppy, you will be taking on a challenging and rewarding role and supported by Miss Puppy team to expand the puppy community in positive ways being through media, social events, public forums and personal contacts.

We all wish all discrimination would be a thing of the past; but we have to deal with it in the present and as such part of Miss Puppy's ethos, we stand against all forms of discrimination especially those hidden in humour.

As well as the serious issues, Puppy Play is about fun, play and friendship which is important and definitely a drive behind Miss Puppy too .

Check out the contact page for links to our telegram and twitter pages or leave a message for any enquires